About Me

zee in slotAlthough I have worked in many different media over the past thirty years, there has been a certain consistency throughout that time: I have always been drawn to texture, pattern, geometric shapes. Inspiration for my most recent work is drawn from the most beautiful place I have ever seen – Zion National Park! I recently had the good fortune to live in southern Utah for almost two years. The landscape there, both from the air and at ground level, is endlessly fascinating to me…the colors and textures make their way into many of my designs.

My love affair with metal began in 2005. In addition to numerous classes taken from talented members of a local chapter of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths, I have been fortunate enough to study with several nationally-acclaimed teachers such as John Cogswell, Andy Cooperman, Tom McCarthy and Sydney Scherr.

My pieces are all hand-fabricated out of mixed metals using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as sawing, riveting, soldering, and forging.

Sometimes I begin with a specific idea in mind, but most often, design “happens” when playing around with raw materials (silver, copper, gold) in the form of sheet, wire, and tubing.

My intention is to make jewelry that is both beautiful, and beautifully functional.